My Love-token to STAR WARS

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Being a Star Wars Fan isn’t always as easy as it seams. When u where lucky enough to witness the whole Phenomenon from its beginning, then you had to wait an Eternity for the Sequel and after that, nearly 2 decades for Episode I!

(and how did that work out for us? „Mesa still knows…“)

Except for that little accident, Star Wars is still the greatest Movie Trilogy in History.
I know, a big Statement, and I am well aware of those fan-based organizations (supporting „their“ Fandome) around the globe which just wish to throw me to the gauntlet.

After 25 years becoming the “Fan boy” I am now, I just know that I choose wisely 😉

We are only a month away from entering the next chapter of Star Wars so its time for my special token of love with this article.
But what exactly did these sagas do such a long time ago to suck me in like no other franchise ever had or has again?

The Story about a Farm boy, brought up by his aunt and uncle after his father died a hero in the last big War, wasn’t anything new or something we’ve never heard differently before. Good versus Evil, light versus dark? Had that before. Light sabers … ok maybe not the best point cause seeing a Light saber for the first time was pretty cool 😉

But no, not even this elegant weapon was the reason for me to fall so desperately in Love with the Saga.

Honestly, I really don’t know what it was that wouldn’t let me leave this Galaxy ever again. But I am not the only one who feels this way about Star Wars, and I am sure as hell I wont be the last. There is already the third generation of fans that will soon start their own journey with Star Wars.

Maybe it’s just the longing for the basic principles and wishes we have for our own lives which are reflected in the story of Star Wars.

The young Hero sets out rescuing the princess from the bad evil antagonist, saving his own chosen family and becoming even a bigger Hero for the whole Galaxy.

Star Wars gives us hope, hope for acceptance and a way to the light. Never mind how dark the the times may have become, there is still good out there.

One reason why Star Wars is that successful, besides the great marketing, it does not judge you for your origins and does not care if you are black, white, big, skinny or even hairy like a Wookie or slimy like a Hutt. All you had to do was fall in love with Star Wars and that makes you part of the Family.

In the Introduction I said being a Star Wars Fan wasn’t always easy. Born in ’84, I really grew up with Star Wars but wasn’t able to see it on the big Screen. Outside of America it took awhile till the Books that would continue the Story came out, so all I had back then were 3 movies. So it became a nice little “Family Ritual” to watch the Trilogy at least once a year with my parents.

Those of you which are still aware of the fact that back then the quality of an VHS Tape wasn’t quite the same thing we have today with BRD-Discs. So it was just a matter of time when the first television recordings of my beloved movies became one with the Force, however, the biggest thrill was when I got my first black/golden VHS Box of the Trilogy.

In the 90’s, clothes became more colorful, gaming consoles had suddenly 16 Bits and STAR WARS had his 20-year anniversary. For me this meant I would see Star Wars on the big screen for the first time and even better, A Special Edition Version with additional scenes. (To be fair, back then it was something rare 😉 )

The release of the Special Edition also laid the foundation for a new Trilogy. A dream come true for every SW Fan boy. Or at least we thought so.

I was taught to keep quite if I can’t say something nice about someone or something don’t say anything… so I’ll make it quick:

The Phantom Menace was a great visual experience. George Lucas and ILM did a great job achieving this new high standard and once more they changed the experience for movie goers.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the Prequel Trilogy. Actually I was first in line when the Tickets for EP1 were available. But growing up with the classic I just was deeply disappointed with the new Trilogy. And it took me a while till I could even admit that fact.

Just a little summary.
An eternity of waiting. Joyful anticipation for more Star Wars followed by a great disturbance in the Force as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror

(Mesa did hear that too … )

And to top it all, a little mouse up in his castle decided to buy Star Wars for itself…
Honestly, when I heard Lucasfilm was with Disney now the first picture that popped into my head was a Darth Vader Figure with Duck feet

That’s how Obi Wan must have felt when he sensed the destruction of Alderaan. But than we discovered a vergence in the Force …

The spiritual Father of LOST, so to speak, the creator of the “WTF-Moment” and “Destroyer Vulcans” J.J Abrams becomes the Director for EPISODE 7.
And the first “WTF-Moment” for us Star Wars Fans.
A “Trekkie” as Director for “OUR” new Episode…

There is a German saying: ‘If it takes long enough, it will be all right in the end.’ and thankfully it really did.
J.J gave an Interview and told the whole World that he’s always been a great Star Wars Fan.

Honestly, when I saw how Abrams handled the Reboot I was quite jealous. That was exactly the kind of fresh cell treatment I wished for the Prequel trilogy.
So the question was, how well will a Star Wars Fan handle this big Issue?


Well, the answer to that question was answered last Thursday.

Speculations about the Trailer getting released at “Star Wars Celebration” started quite early Although it was quite a relieve when Kathleen Kennedy announced at the End of the opening Panel in a very “by the way –kind of mood”

‚Don’t worry, we’ve got something more for you’ the World Premiere of the Trailer.

The approximately 2 minutes long trailer starts with a lightly changed Dialogue from Luke we last heard in ROTJ:

„The Force is Strong in my Family! My father has it“ (we see the burnt Helmet of Vader)
„I have it“ (a hooded figure touches R2’s Dome) „my sister has it“ (a Lightsaber is handed over) „and you have the Power too.“

Quick cuts showing us X-Wings and the Millenium Falcon. The new Stormtroopers are shown and we get a glimpse of the masked helmet from the already legendary Kylo Ren and known villain for Episode 7 followed by a shot of a mysterious Chrome Trooper.

Again quick cuts which introduces us to the new Generations of Heros.
And when u thought it couldnt get any better the camera captures a well aged Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon telling his old pal „Chewie, we are home “
Fade out and we see the Logo for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As the Name “teaser trailer” let you correctly assume nothing about the Story was revealed nor did we learn something about the 30 years that have passed since ROTJ. If all it only made the wait for December 17th so much harder.

“Do or do not, there is no try”

Hell yes! And how he did it. The whole Prequel trilogy did not evoke so much Emotions as well J.J did with this Trailer. He brought grown men to tears and even talk show hosts went crazy about it on their shows live!

I mentioned earlier that, if you have fallen in love with Star Wars you belong to the family and get a feeling to be part of something special.

And recent Events (“Force for Daniel”) have shown me that I am right with that statement.

For some it’s a getaway ticket from Real-life troubles into a World where you are not judged for your love for something or someone. A world in which you can be as you are.

In the End it does not matter how far, far away this Galaxy is because its always a coming home.

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